Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tears and More Tears

As I got onto the plane in Ulaanbaatar I had to wipe away the tears as it finally hit me that it is a reality that I was leaving Mongolia, my adopted homeland of seven years. Minutes before I hugged, cried and said goodbye to all my students, Mongolian friends and to my teammate/sister/friend Rita. I know it is God's will for me to come back to the USA at this time, but still a difficult time emotionally. I plan to visit back to Mongolia over the summer. The next six months I hope to rest and pray and seek the Lord for what His plan is for me.
All for now...sniff...sniff...

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bayanaa said...

Hello Penny. This is Bayanmunkh. I did not think you left Mongolia. I thought that you have a vacation in US. But now, I wish you to come back to Mongolia. You have done a lot in Mongolia. Hope to see you in Mongolia dear sister Penny.