Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Holiday Times

This past week was filled with holiday celebrations of the Lunar New Year, called Tsagan Sar. It is a time of reflection; time of visiting families and friends; and eating lots and lots of food...especially meat dumplings! I enjoyed visiting a few families, but am ready to not have to eat anymore meat dumplings! Ha!

At the student meeting on Saturday I was reminded of the need for a Savior in so many ways. We all have sin in our lives. We all have a past that sometimes creeps up at unexpected times and reminds us of our humanity. It is in these times that we must remember that at the cross, our Savior finished it all. He took our sin, our past, our frailties and they were all nailed to the cross with Him. It is finished. We must learn to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes, sin and hurt others. It is finished. Let us keep our eyes focused on Him and not on ourselves. We must decrease and He must increase. A good reminder during this New Year!

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