Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland....NOT!

Well, I am ready for Spring! This past week I traveled to the Gobi. Well, I am a Florida girl...yes, I like shorts, t-shirts and sandals. So, the Gobi Desert is one of my favorite places to be! However, winter time is not a Winter Wonderland here! Oh my! Below zero....just above zero...snow...blizzards...wearing winter coats that weigh 10 pounds...that should not be words to describe a visit to the desert! I can't wait for Spring and Summer to arrive. It can't come quick enough at this point. But, all in all, the trip was wonderful and encouraging for me personally. I needed a break from the city, a break from the hectic life, a break from the routine. So, off on the train headed south towards China I went with Dr. Rita and her son Jaffe (He is 4 years old and cute). The week was made up of the following: Leadership seminar with leaders from two of the churches; teaching the youth; fellowshiping with our church leaders; food shopping in the town of about 17,000 people with a 4 year old in tow constantly singing his ABCs therefore everyone stared at us; eating Mongol food, I do love it....guess that is God's grace. He gives it to us just when we need it....uh...well, mutton I am not particulary fond of, but can handle it better than the milk tea that everyone serves you. (Milk, tea and salt. I can't say I am lactose intolerant...but I don't enjoy milk products. This is pretty difficult to not like milk when you live in a country that milks every animal here - cow, horse, camel, yak, goat!) Enough said for now.

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