Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Tasted Spicy!

Scorpion!! Yes, I ate a scorpion. Sarah and I visited the night time food market here in Wangfujing near our hotel this week. This is the place you may have seen on the news where all kinds of strange and interesting food items are put on a stick for your eating enjoyment. Well, I just wanted to take some pictures...but then Sarah said "I'll eat one if you do." I replied "Okay!" What was I thinking??!! So, with some fellow Americans cheering us on, we both ate scorpion. It was crunchy and very spicy! (My lips were numb for at least 20 minutes!) So, you can see the pictures in my slideshow of that eating event! Yum!

I have enjoyed Track & Field this last week here in Beijing. Last night we were in the stadium when Usain Bolt from Jamaica broke the world record in the men's 200m race. It was amazing! The crowd of at least 75,000 jumped to their feet and roared with cheers as he crossed the finish line well ahead of the other racers which included three from the USA. (USA got the silver and bronze medal). Tonite there are 15 events and 5 of those are finals. It is a thrill to see the medal ceremonies and the emotion of the athletes as they win for their country. Today the USA Women's Beach Volleyball team won the gold. Hearing the National Anthem played certainly stirs the patriotism for our great country and a reminder that I live in the most free country in the world. One that was founded on religious freedom by our founding fathers in search of a new world to practice their Christian faith openly. I pray that freedom for this nation, for these beautiful people. That the Lord will reign and His name will be called upon.

All from Beijing for now... <><

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