Friday, August 15, 2008

History in the Making

It has been an incredible week so far with the USA leading in far, but the Chinese are close behind! Yesterday marked the day that Mongolia for the first time in Olympic history won a gold medal! A young 24 year old named Tuvshinbayar won the gold in Judo! I wish I could have been at that event! Tomorrow I hope to see some Mongols compete in wrestling!

This week we have seen Men's and Women's Gymnastics! Go girls, winning the gold! Also, I saw Water Polo, Beach Volleyball and Greco-Roman Wrestling. Tomorrow our Athletics (Track & Field) tickets begin. Also, tomorrow afternoon I will hopefully be watching Mongolia in the finals of Free Style Women's Wrestling! Go Mongo!

It has been a joy to be here for the past week and a half. The city is truly alive with the excitement of the Olympics. People can be seen in every store and restaurant watching China win many medals on the big screens. The Chinese are so proud of their athletes and glad to have the Olympics in their nation. Their hope at the moment is in winning medals. I have to wonder after the Olympics are over, and life goes back to normal for them, where does their hope lie? We are all the same, regardless of what continent we live on. We all want to live a life filled with loving relationships, family, abundant joy and live our lives with purpose. For those of us that believe in the One and Only, we know that our Hope can only be found in a relationship with HIM. He is our Hope. He is the One relationship that will meet every desire of our heart and fill our lives with purpose. More precious than gold or silver! When the Olympics are over, the medals will be a symbol of achievement and strength for an individual or a team, but the true prize to be won awaits us in eternity.

All for now... :-)

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