Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The Olympics have ended and I have returned to Mongolia. (Yes, a little late on a blog posting!) I so enjoyed my time in Beijing and seeing the Summer Olympics for the first time. Definitely a memory for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, winter is coming too soon in Mongolia. This week the heat will be turned on citywide and I am already cold!! But, this is life in the coldest capital in the world. All is good here and very busy. This week I am the driver for the orphanage....taking 8 kids to kindergarten at 8am and then 7 kids to school (1st - 3rd grade) moments later! They are so excited to go to school and I certainly feed off their energy first thing in the morning...and I need that seeing how I am a nightowl!

Our church students have all started school. Servant International, with all your donations, has provided tuition scholarships to many students this year to enable them to seek higher education. On average, one year of university costs about $900 per year. That seems pretty inexpensive to Americans, but in Mongolia that could be the annual salary for their family. The tuition assistance helps them attend university and get a degree that they may not have been able to afford. The way to overcome poverty is education. We must decrease the "education gap" to ensure that more young people will have the opportunity to receive higher education and be elevated out of poverty in their generation. :-) Thank you for praying for and supporting our students!

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