Saturday, October 25, 2008


I arrived back from the USA this past week and I was greeted the next day with snow! Coming from the heat of Florida, it was a bit of a shock of course! Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for my family this past month as we grieve the loss of my nephew Drey. I am glad I had the opportunity to travel back to the USA to be with my sister and our family.

It has been a busy week catching up on happenings here, but to be brief, here are a few:
  • Orphanage news..we have had two children adopted and received one new little girl.
  • The church students are all in the midst of school and tests, but still faithful in meeting together each week.
  • Construction began again on the new Community Outreach Center building. We will try to finish the basement and first floor now and make it operational in 2009. We are still fundraising for this phase of the project. If we wish to add on a 2nd floor later, we can if funding is available. All done in the Lord's timing

That is all for now!

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