Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Traveling

I just got back from a time in the countryside living in a ger! It was extraordinary! I loved it! I was visiting my friend Sanna who lives in a ger about 12 hours from UB in a small village. Yes, it was a bit many of you are thinking right now. But, with the fire burning in the ger, it was very warm. The mornings were a bit cold of course as the fire went out in the night. But, my friend was faithful to start the fire each morning before I arose from my sleeping bag and blankets. During this time I was fortunate to share the Word in a local church and teach english in the school. Also, we took a day off and climbed a volcano, the only volcano in Mongolia. No, it is not active and hasn't been for thousands of years they believe.

You can check out some photos in the slideshow on the right! Enjoy!

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