Monday, April 6, 2009

April Happenings

My blog is definitely outdated! My last post was in January and for that I am very sorry! My bad! I just returned from the USA after six weeks. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends and attending my church's annual missions conference. It was an encouraging time! Thank you for all your prayers and support during my time in the States.

All the children are doing great at the orphanage. It has warmed up to 63 degrees today so the children were excited to be walking and playing outside today. It is so great to be outside without 10 pounds of extra clothes on!

The faithfulness of God is overwhelming! In such a personal way, He hears the prayers and meets the needs of His children. But, I think we don't always give Him the credit He deserves. We think we met the need in our own strength....we forget, what do we have that we have not been given? And ALL has been given by Him and Him alone. Thoughts to ponder...

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