Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring to Summer

Last night they turned off the heat around the it snowed! This is Mongolian Spring weather for you. If you ask Mongolians what is their least favorite season, it is Spring. Mine too. Amen to that. But, on a positive note, summer is just around the corner. The Springtime winds off the Gobi are bringing change into the ministry this month and next. A time for seeing the Lord work in marvelous ways and bring new light and understanding. I look forward to seeing ALL that He will do!
This past week we celebrated the adoption of one of our little boys at the orphanage. He was so excited to be in the arms of his new Mother, who herself was overcome with joy. Also, for orphanage news, we painted the interior of the building with a donation we received. Yeah! It looks so much nicer now.
All of my students are gearing up for summer. Most of them have summer jobs and will be pretty busy so we pray we can keep their focus on the Lord and in coming to the meetings.

All for now...more later!

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