Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gobi Desert: Sand, Blue Sky and Camels

Last week thirty three of us, Mongols and Americans, took a trip to the Gobi desert via train. A medical team was here visiting from the USA. We traveled to a town of about 17,000 where we already have a church. We spent two days doing medical clinics and ministry. It was so encouraging to see so many people being treated in the clinic and over 50 make decisions for Him. Also, we did student ministry and we were encouraged at the number of young men and women that are actively seeking to know about the One true God. I brought our two summer interns and my student leader Moyo on the outreach. They did a wonderful job of coordinating and in doing ministry activities! I was very proud of them!
After two days, we traveled to another very small village of less than 500 people and also had medical clinics and ministry. This small village only had a handful of believers before our arrival. When we left, two church meetings per week were scheduled with some leaders in place. Incredible time of labor for the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers for our outreach!

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